Microblading is a Japanese method of permanent make-up. The hairstroke look of the eyebrows is created by a small blade consisting of several fine needles, resulting in natural-looking eyebrows. The difference from the classic permanent make-up method consists in the use of a manual pen with inserted blades. The results are highly natural. Make your Microblading appointment and you won’t regret it. Nobody will recognize that you’ve had M done; everyone will just compliment you on how good you look today.

Machine permanent make-up and Microblading – comparison

To achieve a natural eyebrow look, the hairstroke method is required by both procedures. In Microblading, however, the tattooed hairs, or hairstrokes, are more distinct as opposed to the classic form of PM where the individual hairstrokes create more of a shadow or pattern under the hairs; the hairstrokes in PM are much thicker, creating a compact foundation.


It cannot be determined for certain which of the methods is more painful. Much depends on the client’s sensitivity and the choice of a suitable anaesthetic. In both cases, pigment is deposited under the skin, which can feel uncomfortable.


Generally, swelling is rare in both PM and M of the eyebrows, but bear in mind that skin integrity is disturbed by both methods and swelling is the skin’s physiological response to injury. That said, it occurs very rarely, more likely in PM tan M.


Permanent make-up by both the classic machine method and Microblading requires a certain healing period; 3 weeks for PM, 4 weeks for M.


Bleeding is affected by a number of factors (skin type and condition, medication used by the client, depth of the skin injury, etc.). Whether using a machine with a needle or a blade, pigment is inserted into the epidermis in both cases, which is why capillary bleeding may occur. The amount of bleeding can be influenced by the correct technique used, both in M and PM.


The resulting look depends on the specialist’s expertise, aesthetic feeling and experience, not just on the method. Therefore, we advise you not to look at the price of the procedure; it will pay off. After all, you will be wearing PM or M at least two years, which is why your satisfaction is a necessity and our priority. Make your Microblading appointment and you won‘t regret it. Nobody will recognize that you’ve had M done; everyone will just compliment you on how good you look today.


Old PM can be very well repaired by Microblanding in shape and eyebrows will look really natural.