Diamond Dermabrasion - gentle removal of imperfections


Dermabrasion is a very gentle mechanical peeling method instrument, which by repeated, gradual very fine treatment will achieve significant skin improvement. Action of vacuum pressure is ensured by continuous contact with the skin head, while, with diamond head leads to exfoliation (peeling) the top layer of dead skin cells.

Using different sized and shaped heads, we are able to treat larger areas, so the smallest detail on your face.

Treatment combined with facelifting recommend using a radio frequency device accent, which is the regeneration of the skin even more support.

Dermabrasion is suitable for:

  • cleaning and reducing expanded pores
  • reducing cellulite
  • improving skin elasticity
  • smoothing fine lines
  • treatment of stretch marks
  • treatment of rough skin
  • curing acne
  • softening skin relief - reducing of wrinkles
  • correcting of acne scars
  • unifying of skin color
  • rejuvenate and regenerate the skin
  • Overall toned skin

Safe and comfortable

This method has no major contraindications and is suitable for virtually all skin types. Meets the requirement of non-invasive and absolutely zero risk. Vacuum skin dermabrasion is the world's most popular current crackdown in the field of aesthetic dermatology